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151 Charles Wharton: Norfolk farmer and former leader of the Milk Marketing Board

A third generation Broadland farmer, Charles Wharton, died suddenly aged 79 while playing tennis.

He was vice-chairman of the Milk Marketing Board for seven years and also raised the profile of the Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust as vice-chairman and then during six years as chairman from November 1985.

As one of the region?s largest dairy farmers, Mr Wharton was at one time running about 20 enterprises on the family?s 3,500 acre farm.

When he became chairman of Norfolk National Farmers? Union in February 1993, unusually he could speak with authority on crops from asparagus, growing mint for Colman?s of Norwich, blackcurrants, broiler chickens and root crops including potatoes and sugar beet.

Widely respected in the agricultural industry, his first love was always dairying and milk production. Then, he had two Holstein Friesian herds with 400 cows, which produced about 400,000 gallons of milk a year. He had resisted the temptation to quit milk production in the 1970s as he revealed on taking office.

?We are on ideal dairy farming land. It is ideal and the best grass growing land you can find in the whole of East Anglia.? But having handed the reins to his only son, Ed more than a decade ago, he recognised that dairy farming was no longer viable ending more seven decades of cow keeping.

He was a member of the MMB?s regional committee for about eight years and chaired Norfolk NFU?s milk committee for about 10 years.

In July 1976, the newly-elected board member went to Brussels to press the case for retaining the MMB with the Common Market?s agricultural commissioner, Pierre Lardinois. In that year, farm minister Fred Peart appointed Mr Wharton to the eastern regional panel.

A year later, he became MMB vice-chairman and served until November 1983.

When he left Framlingham College, he read agriculture at Cambridge and then did National Service and was commissioned into the Royal Norfolk Regiment.

Married to Pauline in 1958, they bought Grange Farm, Filby. His father, also Charles, sold him all his ?clapped out machinery? and lent his son 4,000 on which he charged interest!

?We prospered there, so much so that father was to say later that he hadn?t charged me enough interest and had under-charged me on the machinery.? It was typical of his dry sense of humour.

In 1966, he moved to his father?s home at Winsford Hall, which also had a tennis court laid out by Dorothy Shepherd-Barron, the 1931 ladies? doubles champion at Wimbledon.

Mr Wharton was a member of the Ministry of Agriculture?s Terrington experimental husbandry farm, near King?s Lynn, which specialised in potato and pig production.

His other interests included membership of drainage boards and on the local committee of the co-operative, Eastern Counties Farmers.

He was also chairman of the Great Yarmouth June Dairy Festival and a director of south Norfolk-based feed compounder, Duffields, and also a local director of the NFU Mutual.

A keen sportsman, he played squash for Norfolk for eight years until 1965 and also represented the county at tennis.

He leaves a widow, Pauline, and daughters, Kathryn, Emma and Vicci and son, Edward, and 12 grandchildren.

A service of thanksgiving will be held at St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, on Wednesday, October 2 at 2pm. An estimated 475 people attended and a reitring collection was held for the RABI

PUBLISHED: 08:28 07 October 2013 
Wharton, Charles William (I3594)
152 Cherished Memories of my dear husband John Thomas Wharton, called home Dec 12th 1950 aged 72 years. 'In heavenly love abiding' . And of a dearly loved mother Margaret Annie Wharton who entered the homeland Aug 18th 1960 aged 77 years. ' Their life a treasure of memories' Kenneth Calvert Wharton. Wharton, John Thomas (I11746)
153 Children from this marriage/relationship had the surname WHARTON rather than Flegg, because their mother was still married to John Wharton who had been admitted to a local asylum. She was not able to marry William Flegg until John Wharton passed away. Family F919
154 Christopher Wharton (before 1546 ? 28 March 1600) was an English Roman Catholic priest. He is a Catholic martyr, beatified in 1987.

Wharton was born at Middleton, Yorkshire, before 1546. He was the second son of Thomas Wharton of Wharton and Agnes Warcop, and younger brother of Thomas Wharton, 1st Baron Wharton.

He was educated at Trinity College, Oxford, where he graduated M.A., 3 February 1564, and afterwards became a Fellow. During his time at Oxford, he converted to Catholicism. In 1583 he left England entered the English College at Reims to study for the priesthood (28 July). He was ordained priest in the following year 31 March, but continued his studies after ordination till 1586, when on 21 May he left Reims in company with Edward Burden.

No details of his missionary work have been preserved; but at his trial Baron Savile, the judge, incidentally remarked that he had known him at Oxford some years after 1596. He was finally arrested in 1599 at the house of Eleanor Hunt, a widow, who was arrested with him and confined in York Castle. There, with other Catholic prisoners, he was forcibly taken to hear Protestant sermons. He was brought to trial together with Mrs. Hunt at the Lent Assizes 1600, and both were condemned, the former for high treason, the latter for felony. Both refused life and liberty at the price of conformity. Wharton was executed; Eleanor Hunt died in prison. 
Wharton, Christopher (I18014)
155 Clara is found in the 1901 census living with someone called Richard Wharton (although I do not think that was his surname) in Padiham, Lancashire, England.

Since George Wharton died she had a further three children with Richard..

GRO Reference: 1895 D Quarter in THE BURNLEY UNION Volume 08E Page 230

GRO Reference: 1900 J Quarter in THE BURNLEY UNION Volume 08E Page 240

GRO Reference: 1898 S Quarter in THE BURNLEY UNION Volume 08E Page 252 
Greaves, Clara (I14599)
156 Coal Miner
Worton, Josh (I7959)
157 Coal Miner
Worton, John (I7960)
158 Coal Miner
Worton, Samuel (I8503)
159 Commander in Royal Navy Wharton, Harald Edward (I11522)
160 Date from gravestone Beattie, Mildred Irene (I6984)
161 Date Not verified taken from ancestry member brimaur26 Family F605
162 Date of birth from Ancestry member "Embrace" - This source has not been verified Wharton, William James (I185)
163 Date of birth from baptism entry at St Margarets Wharton, James Harvey (I371)
164 Date of Birth from certificate Wharton, William (I30)
165 Date of birth from her fathers military papers Wharton, Hilda Mary (I204)
166 Date of birth from his fathers military papers Wharton, Thomas Alfred (I205)
167 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F1481
168 Daughter of Anne Wharton Wharton, Amelia (I11412)
169 Daughter of Charles & Mary Ratherham Ratherham, Elizabeth (I5791)
170 Daughter of Charles George Wood (born circa 1861 Morston, Norfolk) and Annie Mary Smith (born circa 1867 Ryburgh, Norfolk) Wood, Winifred Edith (I18065)
171 Daughter of Henry (Basket Maker) and Hester Worton Worton, Alma Frances (I6010)
172 daughter of Jn Warton Wharton, Mary (I5866)
173 Daughter of John and Amy Worton (basket maker) Worton, Eliza (I6009)
174 Daughter of Joseph Wharton (Royal Marines) and Ann Wharton, Elizabeth Ann (I5998)
175 Daughter of Rob Wharton Wharton, Eliz (I5867)
176 Daughter of Robert & Fayth Wharton, Mary (I5423)
177 Daughter of Robert & Mary Worton, Edetha (I5834)
178 Daughter of Thomas & Harriet Wharton, Frederica (I5416)
179 Daughter of Thomas & Harriet Wharton, Harriett (I6492)
180 Daughter of Thomas & Harriet Wharton, Lucy Mary Dorethea (I5421)
181 Daughter of Thomas and Martha Powis Powis, Mary (I22685)
182 Daughter of Timothy & Mary Wharton, Mary (I5424)
183 Daughter of Walter Worton aged 7 months Worton, Marjorie Olive (I3347)
184 Daughter of William (Labourer) & Jane Wharton Wharton, Harriet (I5865)
185 Daughter of William (Labourer) & Sarah Whorten, Minnie (I5863)
186 David Wharton. 29 November. Administration of the personal estate of David Wharton late of Winterton in the County of Lincolnshire who died 4 February 1882 at Winterton was granted at Lincoln to John Wharton of Winteringham in the said County Agricultural Foreman the son and only next of kin.  Wharton, David (I7130)
187 Details from Ancestry member "hmallins" Beattie, Mildred Irene (I6984)
188 Details from Birth Certificate. Born Headington Quarry Wharton, Albert (I6115)
189 Details from gravestone Wharton, Thomas Llewelyn (I5114)
190 Details from headstone Fulcher, Sarah Jane (I4928)
191 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I7258)
192 details from newspaper article Family F268
193 details provided by Brian John Wharton (brother in law) White, John Robert (I7262)
194 Details provided by Heather Mallinson Mallinson, Matthew Ernest (I6986)
195 Details provided by Heather Mallinson Mallinson, Matthew Ernest (I6986)
196 Details provided my grandson Kevin  Wharton, Thomas J (I77)
197 Details taken from obituary 
Family F354
198 Died between 1871 and 1881 Younger, Elizabeth (I11368)
199 Died in 1st World War
Private, 69111, formerly 25988
Unit: 350th Protection Company, Royal Defence Corps, formerly South Lancashire Regt. 
Wharton, Samuel Ernest (I11765)
200 Domestic Servant (to Earl and Countess Craven)
Wharton, Elizabeth (I9145)

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