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201 Dress Maker
Warton, Elizabeth (I7195)
202 Dudley registration district Worton, Sarah (I8015)
204 Dudley Registration District Warton, Hannah (I7792)
Wharton, Bertram (I11482)
206 Earl of Wharton
1st Marquess of Wharton
Viscount Winchendon 
Wharton, Earl Thomas 1st Marquess of Wharton (I5950)
207 Ebenezer Charles Wharton of 11 Frampton Road, Little Heath Potters Bar Middlesex died 26 November 1942 at 17 Well House Lane Barnet Hertfordshire. Administration Llandudno 5 March 1942 to Victora Grace Wharton widow. Wharton, Ebenezer Charles (I13194)
208 elation: Head
Spouse's Name: Ann Wharton
Wharton, James (I956)
209 Elizabeth Harriett Astley Wharton of 2 Park Terrace Cambridge widow died 19 July 1913 Probate London 15 August to Susan Marion Naylor (wife of Edward Woodall Naylor) . Effects 11337 8s 6d Wharton, Elizabeth Harriett Astley (I2661)
210 Emigrated to Austrlia aged about 9 Wharton, Henry Oliver (I56)
211 Engineer Wharton, Emmanuel (I11788)
212 Engineer, Royal Navy wHARTON, Arnold (I11464)
213 English first baronet, astrologer and royalist, born at Strickland, near Kendal in Westmorland. He was the son of George Wharton, a blacksmith of Kendal, who left his son an estate of about 50. His father died during George's infancy, and he was brought up by his uncles William and Cuthbert Wharton. After 1633 he spent some time at Oxford, where he chiefly studied astronomy and mathematics. He went to Oxford to study, though not admitted to the University. He then returned to Westmorland, and in 1642 sold his family property, and raised his own troop of horse for the Royalist cause. He shared defeat at Stow-on-the-Wold, in 1643. He is said to have served under Jacob Astley, 1st Baron Astley of Reading. He then went to Charles I at Oxford, and was given a paymaster position in the Ordnance, under Sir John Heydon. At this period he became a friend of Elias Ashmole, helping him to a military commission. Wharton attended, with Ashmole, the first meeting in 1647 of the Society of Astrologers at Gresham College. It included both William Lilly and John Booker, Parliamentarians who had been on the other side of the astrological pamphlet exchanges in the Civil War that had ended in 1646. He was imprisoned in 1649, and might have been executed but his former opponent William Lilly spoke up for him with Bulstrode Whitelocke. He was released by the intervention of Ashmole, who made him steward on his Berkshire estates. At the English Restoration of 1660, he was reinstated as a paymaster. He became Treasurer of the Ordnance in 1670, an office he held until his death. He was made a baronet in 1677. As a royalist pamphleteer and newsbook editor, he wrote Mercurius Elencticus from 1647. Mocking Parliament, it carried biographical material on its leaders. When Wharton was imprisoned, it continued with help from Samuel Sheppard. Wharton, 1st Baronet Sir George (I11606)
214 Enlisted in the army in 15 Oct 1914 but was declared medically unfit and was discharged a month later. Wharton, William James (I192)
215 Entry in SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON.GAZETTE 30 MARCH, 1920 Page 3810

Frederick Percival Wharton, Esq. Assistant Docks and Marine Manager, London and South-Western Railway Company, Southampton. 
Wharton, Frederick Percival O.B.E (I18071)
216 Errand Boy
Warton, John (I8353)
217 Errand Boy
Worton, Henry (I8435)
218 Esther Wharton was a widow at the time of her marriage to William Rawsthorn Family F2058
219 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1831
Relation: Daughter (Child)
Father's name: Gildcroy Wharton
Mother's name: Mary Wharton
Gender: Female
Where born: Durham, England
Occ: Pedlar
Wharton, Louisa (I2135)
220 Farm Of 96 A (3 Labourer)
Clark, Caroline (I3053)
221 Farm Servant
Wharton, Elizabeth (I6838)
222 Farmer Meadows, Joseph (I3132)
223 Farmer's Son
Wharton, Thomas (I8271)
224 Father Matthew Gazley Claxton (Shoemaker) Claxton, Hannah Wiskers (I12479)
225 Father William
Mother Louisa 
Wharton, Henry (I133)
226 Father James Arthur Scott SCOTT, Charles Edward Robin (I1455)
227 Father John Wharton (foreman) from Marriage certificate Wharton, John Thomas (I11743)
228 Father: Edward Wharton Wharton, George (I21145)
229 fathers name "Jo Wharton" Wharton, Johannes (I10875)
230 Fathers name Thomas Faull Thomas - Gardener (written on her marriage entry) Thomas, Edith Grace (I6008)
231 Fathers name Thomas Grimshaw
Grimshaw, Thomas (I10814)
232 Fathers name Thomas Wharton (from his marriage entry) Wharton, Charles (I11656)
233 Fathers name: Job Wharton Wharton, John (I6957)
234 Fathers name: John Warwick Wharton - Cashier for London and North Western Railway (written on Williams marriage entry) Wharton, William Alfred (I6007)
235 Fathers name: Thomas Partin Partin, Mary (I6958)
236 Fathers Name: William Fawcett Fawcett, Sarah (I1247)
237 Fathers occupation: Policeman Vagg, Ann (I31)
238 Female Servant Wharton, Mary (I9113)
239 Female Servant with "Bell Family" Wharton, Sophia (I12043)
240 First Name hard to read on 1851 census might be incorrect Warton, Clarissa (I6382)
241 found dead at 3 Derby St Wharton, John (I2533)
242 Frame Work Knitter
Warton, Ann (I7524)
243 Francis Talbot,
5th Earl of Shrewsbury,
5th Earl of Waterford,
11th Baron Talbot 
Talbot, 5th Earl Francis of Shrewsbury (I11447)
244 Frederick Charles Kenneth Wharton of Somerset Grange 26 Somerset Road Edgbaston Birmingham died 12 Jan 1957 at Middlemore Hospital Auckland New Zealand Probate Birmingham 28 February to Frederick George Wharton automibile engineer, Amy Gertrude Wharton (wife of the said Frederick George Wharton) and Barbara Jean Wharton spinster. Effects 29280 12s 7d Wharton, Frederick Charles Kenneth (I11776)
245 Frederick Charles Wharton of 7 Orchard Street, Kempston, Bedfordshire died 6 February 1953 Administration Exeter 20 April to Mary Sophia Wharton widow. Effects 1859 1s 2d. Wharton, Frederick Charles (I2450)
246 Frederick George Wharton of 116 Wolverhampton Road Warley Oldbury Worcestershire died 23 Jan 1965 at 14 Katherine Road, Papatoetoe Auckland New Zealand. Probate Birmingham to Norman Paskin solicitor and Jack Henry Newman draughtsman. Effects 17688 Wharton, Frederick George (I11778)
247 Frederick Wharton of 39 Greendale Road, Port Sunlight Cheshire died 16 March 1931 Administration Liverpool 27 April to Alice Mary Wharton widow Effects 204 18s 8d Wharton, Frederick (I388)
248 from H.M.S. Majestic In Hospital Burial Ground Warton, Robert (I3368)
249 From his will proved 15 March 1806. He was a merchant from Scarborough and mentioned his wife Ruth. He did not name his children directly but left money to them. He also mentions a William Wharton (his brother, gentleman) and Anthony Kidd all of Scarborough.

"The testor by his will gives the whole of his property to his wife and children. But by a codicil he gave to Anthony Kidd an anuity of 20 pounds out of his personal estates in addition to his wages during so long time as he continues in the service of his (Testor's) family. In case he left their employment then the Testor from that time gave him an aunity of 10 pounds during his life paid yearly."

It then lists various names that he paid debts too including:

Mary Drake, Christopher Jennings, William Jennings, William Thompson, George Jennings, Mary Musgrove, Thomas Musgrove, Ann Varily, Susannah Musgrove, Hannah Hapton, Sarah Musgrove.

His will can be downloaded from the National Archives
Catalogue reference: IR 26/427/89 
Wharton, Stephen (I15650)
250 From his will where he leaves majority of his money and property to his wife Ann, his son Anthony and his daughters Mary Ann and Nelly Wharton and Rebecca Thwaite. He also leaves a watch to his grandson Anthony. Wharton, Reverend Anthony (I8838)

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