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51 Census Returns of England and Wales, 1911. Kew, Surrey, England: The National Archives of the UK (TNA), 1911.

Data imaged from the National Archives, London, England. The National Archives gives no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or fitness for the purpose of the information provided. Images may be used only for purposes of research, private study or education. Applications for any other use should be made to the National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU.

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52 England, Births and Christenings, 1538-1975. Salt Lake City, Utah: FamilySearch, 2013. Source (S2)
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54 Liverpool Registers. Liverpool, England: Liverpool Record Office. Source (S81)
55 Liverpool Registers. Liverpool, England: Liverpool Record Office. Source (S82)

Warton, Lord of the Admiralty Sir Michael (I17988)
57 Able Seaman Alan Wharton

Died in World War 2 on a boat called HMS Vervain (K 190)hit by a U Boat.

Son of William John and Ethel Jane Wharton, of Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland.

Service Number: P/JX 515626 
Wharton, Alan (I11367)
58 Able Seaman in Royal Navy. J/5326 Wharton, Clarence John (I11516)
59 According to ancestry member "hmallins" who appears to be well sourced with the history of the family in Australia

Thomas was a printer and worked in the newspaper industry. Records show he worked for 'Bendigo Independent' and Warrnambool Independent' newspapers. In those days they used lead in the print and this was the cause of ill health and the reason he retired. 
Wharton, Thomas Llewelyn (I5114)
60 According to her fathers will she is married to someone called Thwaite Family F3869
61 According to son Emmanuel's marriage certificate in 1842 Wharton, William (I11793)
62 Adam Wharton of 9 Ubbanford Norham Northumberland died 3 Feb 1961 at 6 Ubbanford Norham Northumberland Probate Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 17 March to George Edward Wharton and Thomas Henry Wharton salmon fisherman. Effects 3543 8s Wharton, Adam (I11352)
63 Administration (with the will) of all and singular the effects of Caroline Wharton (Wife of the Reverend Henry James Wharton, clerk) formerly of Harrow in the County of Middlesex but late of Brockworth in the County of Gloucester who died 21 January 1836 at Brockworth left unadministered by the said Reverend Henry James Wharton the Universal Legatee was granted at the Principal Registry to Mary Agnew of 10 Boundary Road, St Johns Wood in the County of Middlesex widow (formerly Wharton, Widow) the Relict and sole Executrix of the Will of the said Reverend Henry James Wharton. Former grant Prerogative Court of Canterbury April 1836. Wharton, Caroline (I3024)
64 Administration of the effects of James Fraser Wharton late of the city of Durham Surgeon a widower who died 13 June 1872 at Durham was granted at Durham under the usual limitations to Sarah Harrison Wharton of Durham, spinster the Aunt and Guardian of Sarah Elizabeth Wharton Spinster and Anna Mary Wharton Spinster Minors the children and only next of kin. Effects under 300 Wharton, James Fraser (I2292)
65 Age 18, Born 27th of ? 1813 in Gilling, Yorkshire

Ensign: 1832 (By Purchase)
Ensign: 1833 (By Purchase)
Lieutenant: 1837 (By Purchase)
Captain: 1839 (By Purchase)

Retired from the service by the sale of his commission on 16 November 1841 
Wharton, George Heneage Lawrence (I8662)
66 Age 6 resident of Matlock Bath Wharton, Joseph (I11756)
67 Age unreadable Worton, Ann (I6339)
68 AKA Elizabeth McNamara Wharton, Elizabeth (I3086)
69 AKA Ellen Wharton SMITH Fenwick, Ellen (I3087)
70 AKA George Henry GREGORY Wharton, George Henry (I3091)
71 AKA Harry Thompson Wharton, Ray (I3105)
72 Aka Herbert Smith Wharton, Herbert Smith (I3093)
73 Albert John Garrod of 45 Norwich Road, Thetford died 31 May 1965 at St Barnabas Hospital, Thetford. Probate Norwich 2 August to George Albert Garrod Schoolmaster 2483 Garrod, Albert John (I3513)
74 Alick (otherwise Alex) Wharton of Atbara Bellevue Drive Vange Basildon Essex died 7 June 1956 Probate 10 Oct 1956 London to Geoffrey Talton Mepham and John Molsley Channer Solicitors. Effects 2498 0s 4d. Wharton, Alick (I3038)
75 Also has a niece called Martha Scot aged 5 staying with him. Wharton, Joseph (I2387)
76 Also known as Agnes Caroline Radford Wharton, Caroline (I3083)
77 Also known as:

Jonah Worton
Jonah Walton
Jonah Whorton 
Walton, Jonah (I14773)
78 Also living with her niece and nephew:
F.Vincent L. Mathias aged 7
Lucy Wharton aged 5 
WHARTON, Jane (I1425)
79 Also on same census with him

Charlotte Littlewood
Female 14 born 1837 Manchester, Lancashire
General Servant 
Wharton, Emanuel (I8032)
80 Also on same census:

Name: Mathew Young
Age: 64
Estimated birth year: abt 1787
Relation: Lodger
Gender: Male
Where born: Ashover, Derbyshire, England 
Young, John (I6293)
81 Also on the same census and probably related

Mary Dickens
Unmarried Female aged 23 b1828, Kingswinford, Staffordshire
Job: Screw Wormer
Dickens, Emma (I7764)
82 Also see 
Wharton, Reverend William FitzWilliam (I2293)
83 Also with

Hannah Watson Niece Unmarried Female 20 1831 Dress Maker Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
John Anderson Son Unmarried Male 22 1829 Cabinet Maker Scarborough, Yorkshire, England
Wharton, Hannah (I8869)
84 Also with Aunt and Uncle

Thomas Horsefield 51 (born Stockport)
Alice Horsefield 38 (born Preston)
William Horsefield 10 (born Manchester)
Sarah A Horsefield 4 (born Manchester)
Mary Horsefield 6 (born Manchester) 
Wharton, Mary (I6636)
85 Also with his Aunt:

Name: Ann Rogers
Age: 65
Estimated birth year: abt 1786
Relation: Aunt
Gender: Female
Where born: Colwall, Herefordshire, England 
Warton, William (I6446)
86 Also with neice on same census

Elizabeth Butler Niece - Female 10 1841
Wharton, William (I6922)
87 Also with wife Mildred at same address Wharton, Thomas Llewelyn (I5114)
88 Although census says her parents were Meshesh and Marraby her christening says other wise so I have put her with both familes for now. I know this branch were Travellers/Gypsies so it could be that Meshes and Marraby are in fact related in someway like Aunt/Uncle Warton, Spizeanne (I6151)
89 Although he is listed as Charles Hendry's step son in census records I believe that Charles Hendry was his biologal father because on his baptism entry his father is listed as "Charles Wharton" presumably because Elizabeth and Charles they were not married at the time. Wharton, James William (I3731)
90 Amy Gertrude Wharton of Somerset Grange 26 Somerset Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham (wife of Frederick George Wharton) died 31 July 1957 at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birnmingham. Probate Birmingham 26 September to Barbara Jean Wharton spinster. Effects 6679 15s 3d Powell, Amy Gertrude (I11777)
91 Anthony Wharton was the School Master of Yorebridge Grammar School. See link below Page 208:
The Clergy List 1841 published by C.Cox 
Wharton, Reverend Anthony (I938)
92 Apparently she married Albert Edward Bowers and emigrated to Australia but this has not been verified. Wharton, Kate (I394)
93 Appears to be illegitimate child of Prudence Wharton. Possibly her real father was Richard Harper due to the fact her middle name is Harper. Wharton, Charlotte Harper (I9040)
94 Appleby aforesaid were granted at Carlisle 21 Jun 1858 to Isabella Maria Wharton of Appleby aforesaid Widow the Relict of the said Deceased she having first been sworn. Effects under 200. Wharton, John (I3102)
95 Apprentice

Living with Uncle and Aunt

John Perkins 47
Mary Perkins 44 
Worton, William (I7621)
96 Arthur Warton of 218 Walthall Street Crewe died 15 April 1924 at the County Mental Hospital Upton by Chester Cheshire Probate Chester 16 June to Mary Warton Widow and Ernest Healey Solicitor's managing clerk. Effects 2908 Wharton, Arthur (I9162)
97 Article in New South Wales Police Gazette. Stating that he deserted the Australian Army.

Desertion on 8 November 1926 Henry Oliver Wharton from H M A S Swordsman. Sydney Australia. Age 23 years. 5'7, dark complexion, scar on forehead, brown eyes. 
Wharton, Henry Oliver (I56)
98 Assistant
Wharton, Sarah (I6508)
99 Assistant Steward Richard Horatio Wharton Merchant Navy ss Ceramic (Southampton) 7 Dec 1942 age 39 son of Oliver Horatio Wharton and Mary Hannah Wharton of Warton, Carnforth, Lancashire. Panel 27 Wharton, Richard Horatio (I6976)
100 Assists father in business Wharton, Joseph B (I7066)

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