Bedford, Bedfordshire, England



City/Town : Latitude: 52.1359729, Longitude: -0.46665459999996983


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lee, Gertrude Annie  c. 1888Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2454
2 Page, Frances Elizabeth  1887Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5151
3 Spavins, Florence Sylvia  20 Jan 1910Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5251
4 Warton, Ada Elizabeth  1874Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5306
5 Warton, Alfred  1894Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5307
6 Warton, Alfred Sidney  1891Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5308
7 Warton, Annie Maria  1873Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5311
8 Warton, Archibald John  1897Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5312
9 Warton, Arthur Charles  1869Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5313
10 Warton, Arthur Charles  1889Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5314
11 Warton, Bertha Maud  1877Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5319
12 Warton, Bessie  1900Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5320
13 Warton, Edward Harold  1896Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5324
14 Warton, Elizabeth  1854Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5325
15 Warton, Ellen  1869Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5326
16 Warton, Emma  1844Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I9775
17 Warton, Ena  1907Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5327
18 Warton, Fanny  1867Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5328
19 Warton, Florence Ethel  1880Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5330
20 Warton, Florence Winifred  1889Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5331
21 Warton, Haddock Hutchinson  1893Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5335
22 Warton, Harold Edward Randolph  1893Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5336
23 Warton, Henry Charles  1874Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5337
24 Warton, Horace  1891Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5338
25 Warton, Isabella  1866Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5339
26 Warton, Ivy Gladys  1901Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5340
27 Warton, John Edward  1872Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5341
28 Warton, Mabel Annie  1894Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5343
29 Warton, Reginald Arthur  1899Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5347
30 Warton, Ronald Edgar  1901Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5348
31 Warton, Stanley James  1905Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5349
32 Warton, Thomas  1868Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5352
33 Warton, William  1848Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5355
34 Warton, William Charles  1907Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5356
35 Warton, William Ernest  1877Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5357
36 Warton, William Henry  1891Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5358
37 Warton, William Walter  1882Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5359
38 Wharton, Albert James  1893Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1749
39 Wharton, Alfred George T  1890Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1746
40 Wharton, Alfred Henry  1894Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1750
41 Wharton, Beryl J  1927Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5141
42 Wharton, Blanch Elizabeth  1895Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5144
43 Wharton, Charles Alwyne  c. 1897Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1751
44 Wharton, Charles Frederick  2 Sep 1921Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5150
45 Wharton, Cyril William  1917Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5159
46 Wharton, Dorothy J  1918Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5169
47 Wharton, Eileen G  1918Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5171
48 Wharton, Elizabeth  c. 1844Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1688
49 Wharton, Ethel Maud  1889Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5182
50 Wharton, Geoffrey Alan  28 May 1933Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2480

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Thomas  24 Oct 1836Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1740


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Page, Frances Elizabeth  1947Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5151
2 Slaughter, Joan Elizabeth  16 Feb 2015Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I11599
3 Spavins, Florence Sylvia  1980Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5251
4 Stadius, Gladys Mona T  2006Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I3890
5 Warton, Alfred Donald  10 Apr 1948Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5074
6 Wharton, Albert A  1922Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2439
7 Wharton, Albert James  1893Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1749
8 Wharton, Alfred  1894Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1744
9 Wharton, Alfred Arthur  10 Dec 1992Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2484
10 Wharton, Alfred George T  1892Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1746
11 Wharton, Alfred Henry  1894Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1750
12 Wharton, Alfred Sidney  1892Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1747
13 Wharton, Anna Maria  1874Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1745
14 Wharton, Beatrice Faith  2002Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2495
15 Wharton, Betty Pauline  1987Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2475
16 WHARTON, Charles  31 Mar 1973Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2464
17 Wharton, Charles Alwyne  1899Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1751
18 Wharton, Charles Frederick  1979Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2470
19 Wharton, Charles Frederick  1979Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5150
20 Wharton, Edward Arthur  1962Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5892
21 Wharton, Elizabeth  1860Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1729
22 Wharton, Eric Richard T  1991Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2483
23 Wharton, Ernest  1962Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2456
24 Wharton, Ernest Frank  1977Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2466
25 Wharton, Florence Sylvia  1980Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2469
26 Wharton, Frances E  1947Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2449
27 Wharton, Frances Elizabeth  1988Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2478
28 Wharton, Frederick  1961Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2455
29 Wharton, Geoffrey Alan  27 Jan 1989Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2480
30 Wharton, George  21 Dec 1877Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1741
31 Wharton, Geraldine Elizabeth  2006Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2467
32 Wharton, Gladys Emily  30 Mar 1981Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2472
33 Wharton, Gladys Mona T  2006Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2468
34 Wharton, Harold Charles  1998Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2492
35 Wharton, Ivy Lilian  1982Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2473
36 Wharton, Ivy May  1992Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2486
37 Wharton, James T  1918Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1738
38 WHARTON, Jane  9 Dec 1931Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1425
39 Wharton, Jesse  1993Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2487
40 Wharton, John  1855Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1730
41 Wharton, John Worsley  1990Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2482
42 Wharton, Joseph William  1925Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2440
43 Wharton, June  1978Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2471
44 Wharton, Maria Victoria  2004Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2496
45 Wharton, Mary E  1942Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2446
46 WHARTON, Mary Sophia  1859Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1426
47 Wharton, Mary Sophia  1973Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2465
48 Wharton, Michael C  1965Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2459
49 Wharton, Michael C  1965Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5250
50 Wharton, Monica Florence  2001Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2494

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bradshaw, Elizabeth  1841Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1685
2 Warton, Annie  1881Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13618
3 Warton, Ellen  1881Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5326
4 Warton, Henry Charles  1881Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5337
5 Warton, John Edward  1881Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5341
6 Warton, Joseph  1881Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13617
7 Warton, William Ernest  1881Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I5357
8 WHARTON, Arthur Patteson  1861Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1427
9 Wharton, Charles  1841Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I9099
10 Wharton, Edward  1841Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I9098
11 Wharton, Edward  1851Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I9098
12 Wharton, Edward  1861Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I9098
13 Wharton, Elizabeth  1851Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1688
14 Wharton, Elizabeth  1851Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1689
15 Wharton, George  1861Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1741
16 WHARTON, Jane  1861Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1425
17 WHARTON, Jane  1881Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1425
18 WHARTON, Jane  1891Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1425
19 WHARTON, Jane  1901Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1425
20 WHARTON, Jane  1911Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1425
21 Wharton, John  1841Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I9100
22 WHARTON, Kate Anne  1861Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1428
23 Wharton, Sarah  1851Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1686
24 Wharton, Sarah  1861Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1686
25 Wharton, Thomas  1841Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1740
26 Wharton, Thomas  1851Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I1740
27 White, Mary Ann  1881Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I13616


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Alfred Arthur  1992Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I2484
2 Worton, John  10 Aug 1847Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I12415
3 Worton, John  30 Apr 1850Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I12415
4 Worton, John  28 Jun 1853Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I12415
5 Worton, John  16 May 1854Bedford, Bedfordshire, England I12415


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Warton / Church  1861Bedford, Bedfordshire, England F2936
2 Warton / Wooton  15 Nov 1888Bedford, Bedfordshire, England F978
3 Wharton / Holmes  1949Bedford, Bedfordshire, England F982
4 Wharton / Page  1915Bedford, Bedfordshire, England F970
5 Wharton / Spavins  1932Bedford, Bedfordshire, England F998
6 Wharton / Stadius  1943Bedford, Bedfordshire, England F660
7 Wharton / Wharton  1918Bedford, Bedfordshire, England F1152