Formby, Lancashire, England



Latitude: 53.558271, Longitude: -3.0687430000000404


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ball, Elizabeth  c. 1879Formby, Lancashire, England I20909
2 Belshaw, Margaret  c. 1814Formby, Lancashire, England  I7076
3 Morley, Ellen  c. 1850Formby, Lancashire, England I6742
4 Morley, Jane  c. 1822Formby, Lancashire, England I6739
5 Morley, Robert  c. 1847Formby, Lancashire, England I6741
6 Morley, Thomas  c. 1821Formby, Lancashire, England I6738
7 Morley, William  c. 1843Formby, Lancashire, England I6740
8 Scarisbrick, Margery  c. 1815Formby, Lancashire, England I6727
9 Warton, Mary  c. 1807Formby, Lancashire, England  I7067
10 Wharton, Alice  1855Formby, Lancashire, England I10061
11 Wharton, Ann  c. 1778Formby, Lancashire, England I343
12 Wharton, Catherine  c. 1790Formby, Lancashire, England I6996
13 Wharton, Ellen  c. 1836Formby, Lancashire, England I6840
14 Wharton, Ellen  1845Formby, Lancashire, England I6731
15 Wharton, Henry  c. 1815Formby, Lancashire, England I6726
16 Wharton, Henry  1848Formby, Lancashire, England I6732
17 Wharton, Isabel  c. 1787Formby, Lancashire, England I1258
18 Wharton, Jane  c. 1836Formby, Lancashire, England I6728
19 Wharton, Jane  c. 1858Formby, Lancashire, England I23995
20 Wharton, John  1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6733
21 Wharton, Margaret  c. 1801Formby, Lancashire, England I3838
22 Wharton, Mary  c. 1815Formby, Lancashire, England I6998
23 Wharton, Mary  c. 1835Formby, Lancashire, England I6835
24 Wharton, Mary  1841Formby, Lancashire, England I6729
25 Wharton, Robert  c. 1803Formby, Lancashire, England I6694
26 Wharton, Robert  c. 1803Formby, Lancashire, England I6889
27 Wharton, Robert  c. 1805Formby, Lancashire, England I7062
28 Wharton, Robert  1843Formby, Lancashire, England I6730
29 Wharton, Thomas  c. 1811Formby, Lancashire, England  I7075
30 Wharton, Thomas  c. 1813Formby, Lancashire, England I6997
31 Wharton, Thomas  c. 1841Formby, Lancashire, England I6999


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Morley, Ellen  1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6742
2 Morley, Jane  1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6739
3 Morley, Robert  1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6741
4 Morley, Thomas  1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6738
5 Morley, William  1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6740
6 Scarisbrick, Margery  30 Mar 1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6727
7 Scarisbrick, Margery  7 Apr 1861Formby, Lancashire, England I6727
8 Wharton, Alice  7 Apr 1861Formby, Lancashire, England I10061
9 Wharton, Ann  1851Formby, Lancashire, England I343
10 Wharton, Ann  1851Formby, Lancashire, England I353
11 Wharton, Ellen  30 Mar 1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6731
12 Wharton, Ellen  7 Apr 1861Formby, Lancashire, England I6731
13 Wharton, Henry  1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6726
14 Wharton, Henry  30 Mar 1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6732
15 Wharton, Henry  7 Apr 1861Formby, Lancashire, England I6726
16 Wharton, Henry  7 Apr 1861Formby, Lancashire, England I6732
17 Wharton, James  1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6734
18 Wharton, Jane  1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6728
19 Wharton, Jane  7 Apr 1861Formby, Lancashire, England I23995
20 Wharton, John  30 Mar 1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6733
21 Wharton, John  7 Apr 1861Formby, Lancashire, England I6733
22 Wharton, Joseph  1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6743
23 Wharton, Mary  1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6745
24 Wharton, Mary  30 Mar 1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6729
25 Wharton, Mary  7 Apr 1861Formby, Lancashire, England I6729
26 Wharton, Robert  30 Mar 1851Formby, Lancashire, England I6730
27 Wharton, Robert  7 Apr 1861Formby, Lancashire, England I6730