Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England



Latitude: 53.018138, Longitude: -1.2667519999999968


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Stirland, Mary  c. 1837Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18136
2 Wharton, George  c. 1811Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I7492
3 Wharton, Hannah  1863Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18140
4 Wharton, Henry Thomas  1850Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I7497
5 Wharton, James Hopkinson  1852Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18119
6 Wharton, Joseph Arthur  1856Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18137
7 Wharton, Lucy  1869Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18142
8 Wharton, Martha  1871Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18143
9 Wharton, Mary Ann  1861Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18139
10 Wharton, Samuel  c. 1827Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I11946
11 Wharton, Sarah Ann  1867Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18141
12 Wharton, William  c. 1830Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18117


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Samuel  15 Jul 1827Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I11946
2 Wharton, William  22 Aug 1830Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18117


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Baker, Emma  30 Mar 1851Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I7493
2 Baker, Emma  7 Apr 1861Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I7493
3 Stirland, Mary  1871Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18136
4 Wharton, Ada Kate  7 Apr 1861Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18124
5 Wharton, Alfred  7 Apr 1861Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18120
6 Wharton, Ellen  30 Mar 1851Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I7494
7 Wharton, Ellen  7 Apr 1861Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England  I7494
8 Wharton, Emma Jane  7 Apr 1861Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18122
9 Wharton, Frederick  7 Apr 1861Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18121
10 Wharton, George  1851Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I7492
11 Wharton, George  1851Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I7495
12 Wharton, George  7 Apr 1861Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I7492
13 Wharton, Hannah  1871Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18140
14 Wharton, Henry Thomas  30 Mar 1851Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I7497
15 Wharton, Henry Thomas  7 Apr 1861Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I7497
16 Wharton, James Hopkinson  7 Apr 1861Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18119
17 Wharton, John Baker  30 Mar 1851Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I7496
18 Wharton, Joseph Arthur  1871Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18137
19 Wharton, Lucy  1871Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18142
20 Wharton, Martha  1871Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18143
21 Wharton, Mary Ann  1871Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18139
22 Wharton, Sarah Ann  1871Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18141
23 Wharton, William  7 Apr 1861Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I18123
24 Wharton, William  1871Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England I19363