London, Middlesex, England



Latitude: 51.520205, Longitude: -0.13799540000002253


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Mahala  c. 1796London, Middlesex, England  I7194
2 Cronan, Fanny  c. 1820London, Middlesex, England I7320
3 Gowland, Elizabeth  c. 1791London, Middlesex, England I15275
4 Ives, Edward  c. 1847London, Middlesex, England I6507
5 Nind, Margaret  c. 1803London, Middlesex, England I6502
6 Turner, Sarah  c. 1797London, Middlesex, England I1700
7 Warton, John  c. 1830London, Middlesex, England  I7196
8 Warton, Joseph  c. 1828London, Middlesex, England  I7197
9 Warton, William  c. 1797London, Middlesex, England  I7298
10 Wharton, Barbara  c. 1801London, Middlesex, England I1684
11 Wharton, Catherine  c. 1808London, Middlesex, England I1682
12 Wharton, Charlotte  c. 1842London, Middlesex, England I1613
13 Wharton, Eliza  c. 1795London, Middlesex, England I8623
14 Wharton, Frances H  c. 1806London, Middlesex, England I1681
15 Wharton, Hannah  c. 1830London, Middlesex, England I1193
16 Wharton, Henry  c. 1846London, Middlesex, England I824
17 Wharton, Hester  c. 1821London, Middlesex, England I1683
18 Wharton, James  c. 1813London, Middlesex, England I6863
19 Wharton, Jane  c. 1815London, Middlesex, England I7327
20 Wharton, Jane  c. 1843London, Middlesex, England I7335
21 Wharton, Jeannette  c. 1825London, Middlesex, England I7223
22 Wharton, Jeremiah George  1849London, Middlesex, England I7324
23 Wharton, John  1845London, Middlesex, England I7322
24 Wharton, John  c. 1848London, Middlesex, England I12777
25 Wharton, Joseph  c. 1824London, Middlesex, England  I7222
26 Wharton, Joseph  1847London, Middlesex, England I7323
27 Wharton, Mary  c. 1803London, Middlesex, England I1680
28 Wharton, Mary  c. 1825London, Middlesex, England I6636
29 Wharton, Mary A  c. 1850London, Middlesex, England I7179
30 Wharton, Thomas E  c. 1817London, Middlesex, England I7209
31 Wharton, William  c. 1834London, Middlesex, England I1021
32 Wharton, William James Lloyd  c. 1843London, Middlesex, England I822
33 Wharton, Winnifred  c. 1847London, Middlesex, England I8847