Appleby, Westmorland, England


Notes: Appleby-in-Westmorland is a town and civil parish in Cumbria, in North West England. St Lawrence's Church is the parish church. It has been designated by English Heritage as a Grade I listed building. Appleby Castle was founded by Ranulf le Meschin at the beginning of the 12th century. It was placed under siege during the Second English Civil War, during which Thomas Harrison was wounded.


Current Registration County : Cumbria.
Created : 1.4.1974 (out of Westmorland North registration district).
Abolished : 1.7.1984 (to become part of Penrith registration district).
Sub-districts : Appleby, Kirkby Stephen
GRO volumes : 1 (1974-84)
Registers currently held at : Cumbria.


Latitude: 54.578302, Longitude: -2.4896139999999605


Matches 1 to 39 of 39

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Pearson, Elizabeth  c. 1816Appleby, Westmorland, England I8225
2 Walton, Christopher  c. 1826Appleby, Westmorland, England I8180
3 Walton, Christopher  1850Appleby, Westmorland, England I8177
4 Walton, Elizabeth  c. 1844Appleby, Westmorland, England I8183
5 Walton, Joseph  c. 1834Appleby, Westmorland, England I8181
6 Warton, Agnes  1848Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8345
7 Warton, Andrew  1846Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8355
8 Warton, Ann  1845Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8343
9 Warton, George  c. 1819Appleby, Westmorland, England I8341
10 Warton, George  1848Appleby, Westmorland, England I8356
11 Warton, John  c. 1809Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8349
12 Warton, John  1839Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8353
13 Warton, Joseph  1842Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8354
14 Warton, Mary  c. 1834Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8351
15 Warton, Mary Jane  1850Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8346
16 Warton, Richard  c. 1813Appleby, Westmorland, England I6385
17 Warton, Richard  1846Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8344
18 Warton, Richard  1850Appleby, Westmorland, England I8357
19 Warton, Thomas  1839Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8359
20 Warton, William  c. 1836Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8352
21 Wharton, Elizabeth  c. 1798Appleby, Westmorland, England I8206
22 Wharton, Elizabeth  1844Appleby, Westmorland, England I8246
23 Wharton, Grace  c. 1806Appleby, Westmorland, England I6769
24 Wharton, Hannah  c. 1793Appleby, Westmorland, England I6226
25 Wharton, Hannah  c. 1827Appleby, Westmorland, England I2281
26 Wharton, Isabella  c. 1800Appleby, Westmorland, England I8178
27 Wharton, Isabella  c. 1828Appleby, Westmorland, England I8176
28 Wharton, James  c. 1787Appleby, Westmorland, England I6749
29 Wharton, John  c. 1823Appleby, Westmorland, England I8263
30 Wharton, John  c. 1835Appleby, Westmorland, England I8186
31 Wharton, John Wilson  1855Appleby, Westmorland, England I21963
32 Wharton, Maria  1838Appleby, Westmorland, England I1459
33 Wharton, Thomas  c. 1794Appleby, Westmorland, England I507
34 Wharton, Thomas  c. 1800Appleby, Westmorland, England I8205
35 Wharton, Thomas  c. 1824Appleby, Westmorland, England I8194
36 Wharton, William  c. 1777Appleby, Westmorland, England I693
37 Wharton, William  c. 1795Appleby, Westmorland, England I725
38 Wharton, William  c. 1812Appleby, Westmorland, England I2210
39 Wharton, William  c. 1823Appleby, Westmorland, England I8188


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Warton, Andrew  7 Jun 1846Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8355
2 Warton, George  17 May 1848Appleby, Westmorland, England I8356
3 Warton, Joseph  17 Jul 1842Appleby, Westmorland, England I8354
4 Warton, Mason  12 Jul 1840Appleby, Westmorland, England I8360
5 Warton, Richard  26 Jul 1850Appleby, Westmorland, England I8357
6 Warton, William  23 Oct 1836Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8352
7 Wharton, Isabella  17 Aug 1800Appleby, Westmorland, England I8178
8 Wharton, Isabella  25 Dec 1828Appleby, Westmorland, England I8176


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Walton, Christopher  1917Appleby, Westmorland, England I8177
2 Wharton, Alice  1981Appleby, Westmorland, England I2910
3 Wharton, Doris Mary  1975Appleby, Westmorland, England I2907
4 Wharton, Emma  1977Appleby, Westmorland, England I2909
5 Wharton, James Bowman  1981Appleby, Westmorland, England I2911
6 Wharton, John  24 Feb 1858Appleby, Westmorland, England I3102
7 Wharton, John  1982Appleby, Westmorland, England I2912
8 Wharton, William John  1975Appleby, Westmorland, England I2908


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Dent, Isabella Maria  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8185
2 Horn, Barbara  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8350
3 Walton, Christopher  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8177
4 Walton, Christopher  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8180
5 Walton, Edward  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8182
6 Walton, Elizabeth  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8183
7 Walton, Joseph  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8179
8 Walton, Joseph  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8181
9 Warton, Agnes  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8345
10 Warton, Andrew  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8355
11 Warton, Ann  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8343
12 Warton, George  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8341
13 Warton, George  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8356
14 Warton, John  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8349
15 Warton, John  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8353
16 Warton, Joseph  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8354
17 Warton, Mary  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8347
18 Warton, Mary  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8351
19 Warton, Mary Jane  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England  I8346
20 Warton, Richard  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8344
21 Warton, Richard  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8357
22 Warton, William  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8352
23 Wharton, Isabella  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8176
24 Wharton, Isabella  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8178
25 Wharton, John  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8184
26 Wharton, John  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8186
27 Wharton, Maria  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I1459
28 Wharton, William  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8188
29 Williamson, Janet  1851Appleby, Westmorland, England I8342


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Walton / Langhorn  24 Sep 1873Appleby, Westmorland, England F6662
2 Walton / Wharton  24 Sep 1832Appleby, Westmorland, England F1698
3 Walton / Wharton  14 Jun 1852Appleby, Westmorland, England F6663
4 Warton / Horn  12 Nov 1833Appleby, Westmorland, England F1745
5 Warton / Howe  13 Nov 1834Appleby, Westmorland, England F1746
6 Wharton / Dent  23 Jun 1832Appleby, Westmorland, England F1699