Edmonton, Middlesex, England


Notes: Edmonton is an area in the east of the London Borough of Enfield, England, 8.6 miles (13.8 km) north-north-east of Charing Cross. It has a long history as a settlement distinct from Enfield. Edmonton is 8.6 miles (13.8 km) north-north-east of Charing Cross and stretches from just south of the North Circular Road where it borders Tottenham to its boundary with Ponders End to the north. Bush Hill Park, Winchmore Hill and Palmers Green adjoin the western boundary while the River Lee Diversion forms Edmonton's eastern boundary with Chingford. The northern part of Edmonton, N9 postal area is known as Lower Edmonton and the southern part as Upper Edmonton, N18 postal area.

Latitude: 51.63099517381374, Longitude: -0.08031777357246028


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Warton, Richard Endell James  1900Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12554
2 Wharton, Alice Elizabeth  1870Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12539
3 Wharton, Annie Louisa  1891Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12719
4 Wharton, Arthur Henry  1890Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12718
5 Wharton, Betty L  1935Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12549
6 Wharton, Blanche  1896Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12678
7 Wharton, Cecil Bertram  1916Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12703
8 Wharton, Charles  1847Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12639
9 Wharton, Charlotte  1841Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12545
10 Wharton, Christine H  1951Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12709
11 Wharton, Cissie Gladys Doreen  1915Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12598
12 Wharton, Daisy Emily  1910Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12589
13 Wharton, Doris J  1921Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12704
14 Wharton, Elizabeth  1846Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12638
15 Wharton, Elizabeth Maria  1858Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12611
16 Wharton, Elsie Martha  1900Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12698
17 Wharton, Elsie Sarah  1893Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12720
18 Wharton, Emma  1864Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12613
19 Wharton, Emmeline Louisa  1888Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12682
20 Wharton, Eric Stallard  1911Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12715
21 Wharton, Ernest Frank  1912Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12600
22 Wharton, Ernest William  1907Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12701
23 Wharton, Ethel Maud  1889Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12694
24 Wharton, Evelyn Beatrice  1908Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12713
25 Wharton, Fanny Ethel  1908Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12588
26 Wharton, Florence Helen  1912Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12722
27 Wharton, Frederick Charles  1887Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12693
28 Wharton, Frederick Thomas  1913Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12691
29 Wharton, George James  1895Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12696
30 Wharton, George James William  1904Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12586
31 Wharton, George Miller  1906Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12688
32 Wharton, George William  1856Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12610
33 Wharton, Harold Raymond  1916Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12632
34 Wharton, Harry Edward Waters  1910Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12978
35 Wharton, Helen Edith  1903Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12556
36 Wharton, Henry George  1888Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12687
37 Wharton, Henry George  1897Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12654
38 Wharton, Henry Samuel  1865Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12578
39 Wharton, Honor P  1933Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12561
40 Wharton, Irene M  1920Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12980
41 Wharton, James  1861Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12612
42 Wharton, James Stanley  1913Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12591
43 Wharton, Joan E  1921Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12981
44 Wharton, John Edward  1885Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12681
45 Wharton, John George  1875Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12540
46 Wharton, Joseph Thomas  1892Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12695
47 Wharton, Josephine Emma  1883Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12624
48 Wharton, Josephine F  1926Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12705
49 Wharton, Joyce M  1922Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12547
50 Wharton, Kate Maria  1866Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12620

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Frank William  1896Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12552
2 Wharton, Winifred Emily  1895Edmonton, Middlesex, England I12551