Mulbarton, Norfolk, England



Latitude: 52.564165, Longitude: 1.2339849999999615


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Elizabeth  c. 1870Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3708
2 Calver, Mary Ann  c. 1850Mulbarton, Norfolk, England  I7447
3 Wharton, Eleanor Dorothy  1896Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11316
4 Wharton, Elizabeth  1844Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3627
5 Wharton, Fred  14 Dec 1872Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3670
6 Wharton, George  1871Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3674
7 Wharton, George Henry  1860Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11312
8 Wharton, Hannah  1868Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3694
9 Wharton, Harriet  1864Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3701
10 Wharton, Henry  9 Aug 1867Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3818
11 Wharton, Hilda Mary  1899Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3712
12 Wharton, James  1841Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3270
13 Wharton, James  14 Jun 1866Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11314
14 Wharton, James  1869Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3725
15 Wharton, James Septimus  1870Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11309
16 Wharton, Maria  1862Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11313
17 Wharton, Maria  1874Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3819
18 Wharton, Richard  1878Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3884
19 Wharton, Robert  1873Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11311
20 Wharton, Sarah  c. 1837Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I7441
21 Wharton, Sarah Ann  1854Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3924
22 Wharton, Thomas Andrews  1863Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11308
23 Wharton, William  16 Feb 1864Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3996
24 Wharton, William  1880Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11315


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Eleanor Dorothy  30 May 1897Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11316
2 Wharton, George Henry  19 May 1861Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11312
3 Wharton, Henry  19 Jun 1870Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3818
4 Wharton, James  28 Mar 1841Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3270
5 Wharton, James  15 Jul 1866Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11314
6 Wharton, Maria  10 Aug 1862Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11313
7 Wharton, Sarah  15 Jun 1836Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I7441
8 Wharton, Sarah Ann  5 Nov 1854Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3924
9 Wharton, Thomas Andrews  18 Oct 1863Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11308
10 Wharton, William  1 Aug 1880Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11315


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Elizabeth  16 Apr 1939Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3708
2 Andrews, Harriet  1917Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I4046
3 Buck, Ann  1877Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3265
4 Cunningham, Ivy Victoria  15 Feb 1987Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3614
5 Wharton, Hilda Mary  1904Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3712
6 Wharton, James  1843Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3270
7 Wharton, James  1869Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3725
8 Wharton, John  1881Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3624
9 Wharton, Maria  1865Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11313
10 Wharton, Richard  1885Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3268
11 Wharton, Robert  1919Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11311


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Wharton, James  24 Aug 1869Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3725
2 Whorton, John  23 Oct 1881Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3509


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Buck, Ann  1841Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3265
2 Buck, Ann  1851Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3265
3 Buck, Ann  1871Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3265
4 Calver, Eljah  1851Mulbarton, Norfolk, England  I7446
5 Calver, Mary Ann  1851Mulbarton, Norfolk, England  I7447
6 Thurston, Isaac  1881Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11310
7 Wharton, Elizabeth  1851Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3627
8 Wharton, Elizabeth  1871Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3627
9 Wharton, Elizabeth  1881Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3627
10 Wharton, Henry  1841Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3267
11 Wharton, James  1841Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3270
12 Wharton, James Septimus  1871Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11309
13 Wharton, James Septimus  1881Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11309
14 Wharton, John  1841Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3264
15 Wharton, John  1851Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3264
16 Wharton, John  1871Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3264
17 Wharton, Mary  1841Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3266
18 Wharton, Mary  1851Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3266
19 Wharton, Richard  1841Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3268
20 Wharton, Richard  1851Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3268
21 Wharton, Robert  1881Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11311
22 Wharton, Sarah  1841Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I7441
23 Wharton, Thomas Andrews  1871Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11308
24 Wharton, Thomas Andrews  1881Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11308


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Elizabeth  16 Apr 1939Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3708
2 Wharton, Elizabeth  1870Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I3627
3 Wharton, James Septimus  1870Mulbarton, Norfolk, England I11309