Northwich, Cheshire, England



Latitude: 53.25868029999999, Longitude: -2.5181321000000025


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Warton, Sarah Ann  1868Northwich, Cheshire, England I22740
2 Warton, Sarah Ellen  1870Northwich, Cheshire, England I22742
3 Wharton, Caroline  1842Northwich, Cheshire, England I9271
4 Wharton, Charles  1846Northwich, Cheshire, England I9284
5 Wharton, Charles  1886Northwich, Cheshire, England I22732
6 Wharton, Eliza Jane  1868Northwich, Cheshire, England I22738
7 Wharton, Evelyn  1891Northwich, Cheshire, England I22736
8 Wharton, Florence  1882Northwich, Cheshire, England I22725
9 Wharton, Frances Elizabeth  1881Northwich, Cheshire, England I9287
10 Wharton, Frances Elizabeth  1881Northwich, Cheshire, England I22724
11 Wharton, Frank Lot  1862Northwich, Cheshire, England I22717
12 Wharton, Henry  1877Northwich, Cheshire, England I22661
13 Wharton, Hugh Frederick  1888Northwich, Cheshire, England I22733
14 Wharton, James  1851Northwich, Cheshire, England I9314
15 Wharton, Jessie  1890Northwich, Cheshire, England I22734
16 Wharton, John  1839Northwich, Cheshire, England I1571
17 Wharton, John  1850Northwich, Cheshire, England I9312
18 Wharton, John Arthur  1878Northwich, Cheshire, England I22723
19 Wharton, Joseph  1854Northwich, Cheshire, England I9340
20 Wharton, Joseph  1892Northwich, Cheshire, England I22729
21 Wharton, Levi  1896Northwich, Cheshire, England I22727
22 Wharton, Mary  c. 1819Northwich, Cheshire, England I965
23 Wharton, Mary  1853Northwich, Cheshire, England I9335
24 Wharton, Mary  1854Northwich, Cheshire, England I9343
25 Wharton, Nellie  1883Northwich, Cheshire, England I22731
26 Wharton, Samuel  c. 1815Northwich, Cheshire, England I3193
27 Wharton, Samuel  1871Northwich, Cheshire, England I22660
28 Wharton, Sarah  1849Northwich, Cheshire, England I22708
29 Wharton, Sarah  1854Northwich, Cheshire, England I9344
30 Wharton, Thomas  c. 1786Northwich, Cheshire, England I9180
31 Wharton, Thomas  c. 1815Northwich, Cheshire, England I7691
32 Wharton, Thomas Bennet  1864Northwich, Cheshire, England I22455
33 Wharton, Walter  1894Northwich, Cheshire, England I22726
34 Wharton, William  c.1801Northwich, Cheshire, England I23771
35 Wharton, William  1851Northwich, Cheshire, England I9318
36 Wharton, William  1863Northwich, Cheshire, England I22719
37 Wharton, William Henry  1871Northwich, Cheshire, England I22721


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Caroline  1842Northwich, Cheshire, England I9271


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Thomas  30 Mar 1851Northwich, Cheshire, England I23753


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Platt / Wharton  1842Northwich, Cheshire, England F468
2 Wharton / Ackerley  14 June 1863Northwich, Cheshire, England F5328
3 Wharton / Leather  1859Northwich, Cheshire, England F5413