Teesdale, Durham, England



Latitude: 54.6333333, Longitude: -2.133333300000004


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wharton, Ann  1849Teesdale, Durham, England I27614
2 Wharton, Elizabeth  1838Teesdale, Durham, England I27525
3 Wharton, Elizabeth  1840Teesdale, Durham, England I8933
4 Wharton, George  1840Teesdale, Durham, England I9741
5 Wharton, Hannah  1838Teesdale, Durham, England I27527
6 Wharton, Jane  1857Teesdale, Durham, England I27700
7 Wharton, John  1847Teesdale, Durham, England I27608
8 Wharton, John  1849Teesdale, Durham, England I27380
9 Wharton, John William  1856Teesdale, Durham, England I27698
10 Wharton, Joseph Robert  1858Teesdale, Durham, England I27373
11 Wharton, Margaret  1837Teesdale, Durham, England I1334
12 Wharton, Margaret  1843Teesdale, Durham, England I27524
13 Wharton, Mary  1847Teesdale, Durham, England I27379
14 Wharton, Mossey  1847Teesdale, Durham, England I8374
15 Wharton, Thomas  1844Teesdale, Durham, England I27528